Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best kept secret in Texas

OK, so it's not a secret and it doesn't pertain to just those of us living in that wonderful state but I'm guessing it's something that most people don't do and should.

I would think that in the post-financial meltdown that "Easy Money" would be a little harder to come by.  I would think that at least "I" would have to do the initiating to get the money (Pawn Shop, Title loan, Payday loan, etc.) but nope! I opened my mailbox and there it was... an innocent little fake  check for no small chunk of money, made out to Colin from a group down the street called OneMain Financial.


A little digging showed me that they are an affiliate of CitiFinancial.  Yes, many moons ago we had a credit card with Citibank and while we were never late with a payment and gave them any money beyond what we charged... we would always manage to spend every penny of every paycheck.  In other words.... since paying with a credit card didn't register any pain (until I opened the statement every month), we often spent way more than we wanted.  That being said, we went on a financial lifestyle change and have dumped credit cards and debt for good.  OK... almost for good, we still have a mortgage but we are chipping at that bad boy with a sledge hammer to make it go away!  But back to the slime...

At one time I knew the little phone number you could call that would opt you out of getting pre-screened offers of credit and such.  Granted I'm not taking them up on the offer anyhow but I really don't like the thought of someone getting this little gem and taking us down the identity theft path.  So as I'm scanning to figure out which financial institution is ruffling my feathers I see at the bottom that wonderful number that will prevent future offers of crap being stuffed in my mailbox for at least the next 5 years. 


Here is the magic number you have been looking for!!


Did you see that?!?  Did you call?  I did.  Five minutes later I had both mine and Colin's name opted-out for the next five years.  In five years we may not have a postal system anymore but at least those offers of easy credit won't be heading my way until then.

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